SAW franchise

Makeup Fx dept. 


Honest Tea

Makeup Dept.


Vodka Hangar1

Makeup & Hair Dept Head


FitBit : 2016

Makeup Key


Liberty Mutual : Speed Dating

Makeup & Hair Dept Head


Bud Lite Lime : Pool Party

Key Makeup and Hair


Maybelline : Make Fit Happen

Key Makeup and Hair


Doritos : Traded it for Doritos

Makeup & FX & Hair


Alice Glass

Without Love

Makeup Fx Dept Head


Hollywood Undead

California Dreaming

Makeup Fx Dept Head


Lenny Kravitz


Makeup & Hair Dept. Head


Big Bang

World Tour

Makeup Dept. Head



Star Trek Discovery: CBS

Klingon Dental FX


Inhumans: Warner Brothers

Character Dental Fx


Two Sentence Horror Stories

5 Episodes: Ma, Singularity, Guilt Trip, Second Skin, Snap

Series Makeup Department Head

Series Special Fx Department Head 


The Relationtrip

Makeup Fx Department


Deadly Paradise

Makeup Department Head



Dread Central 

Makeup FX Department


Intereflections I : Documentary

Makeup Key


Elavated By Love : Lifetime Original

Hallmark Movie

Makeup and Hair key


Worlds Apart

Adult Swim

Makeup & Hair Key


Online Predator: Lifetime Original

Makeup Key


Directors Cut

Director: Adam Rifkin

Makeup Dept.: Prosthetic Application andBlood Effects 


Raging Bull 2: The Bronx Bull

Director: Martin Guigui

Assistant Special Effects Artist


Resident Evil 6: Down With the Sickness

Director: Freddie W.

Special Makeup and Creature Effects Artist,

Foam Latex and Silicone Prosthetic Application, Sculptor, Mold Maker, Prosthetic Casting



Makeup Dept.: Blood Effects & Foam Construction (Medusa head piece)


Sun Choke

Makeup and Blood Effects Department



Director: John Carl Buechler

Makeup Effects (Grizzle Ork Makeup)


40’s and Failing

Director: Rene Ashton

Key Makeup



Director: Kurt Soderling

Makeup Dept.



Director: Charles Band

Effects Support & Assistant Puppeteer



Director: Mickey Keating

Special Makeup Effects Artist, Lab Tech

Mold maker, Casting


A Helping Hand

 Director: Michael Stone

Key Makeup Effects Artist


Survivor Type

Director: Billy Hanson

Assistant Makeup Artist


Loot Crate: Dead Rising 3 Zombie Invasion

Makeup FX : On Set Zombie and Gore FX